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Cat fight



I want those cats

Cat-fight between Iggycat and France-Cat for be petting and cuddle by France.

Apparently Iggycat have won!


Agni vs Thompson and Soma vs Hannah.

From ‘The Making of Kuroshitsuji’

Anonymous said: Princess Anna dancing with Prince Hans (from Frozen) with 58, please^^?


There they are! ^_^

Not my OTP (nope), but they are still so cute! ^^


“Wonder Woman is there to kick ass not give you a boner”

—   favorite response to some dude saying the Wonder Woman costume isn’t sexy enough on Facebook (via agentturner)

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Anonymous said: imagine cop!anna bringing in criminal!hans in for questioning





"Alright, get in there." Anna ordered as she dragged a half-willing Hans into the room and sat him down by the table. She then closed the door and took her seat opposite him.

"May I ask why I’m here?" Hans asked; casually leaning back in his seat.

"You know very well why you’re here." Anna replied; shooting him a hard look. "Elsa, owner of Arendelle Industries, has had her jewels stolen - family heirlooms." Anna leaned forward. "And all signs of the crime point to her biggest company rival - you.

Hans gave Anna a bemused look; his lips curling into a smirk. “Crime? I haven’t stolen anything…yet.” He winked.

Anna was not amused.

This is great but I need it to be a roleplay because I need it to steam up fast.

Also. This is important.

Does Anna have one of those nightstick/baton things?

"Don’t get smart with me, Mr. Westergard." Anna reached for her baton that sat on her hip. "I would really hate to have to use force."

Hans raised an eyebrow, still smirking. “Wouldn’t like to shove me up against the wall, frisk me, and then strip me down, before punishing me for being such a bad boy?” He taunted; flashing his teeth.

Anna felt that familiar warmth pool in her belly at Hans’ challenging, yet sensual remark.

No, no, no! She was the cop here - she was supposed to be in charge! That’s what they had agreed on when they first talked about doing this.

She stood up and reaching across the small table, Anna grabbed the knot at the top of Hans’ tie and pulled him up towards her, till their faces were just inches apart. Her voice then turned low.

"Be careful what you say, Mr. Westergard. I could easily have you restrained, with no means of escaping…"

Don’t “you’re the devil” me! You asked for it! XD


Anna instantly regretted her words when she saw a spark light up Hans’ eyes. He leaned in a few centimeters and lowered his voice as well.

"Is that a threat…or an offer?"

Biting her lip to hold her tongue, Anna took a deep breath through her nostrils. “That’s it.” Still holding on to Hans’ tie, Anna walked around the table and pushed Hans back down into his chair.

"I’ve had just about enough of your sass for one evening." Anna remarked. "Now, are you going to tell me where you’ve hidden those jewels or not?"

Hans continued to wear an arrogant grin. “Why don’t you search me and find out?”

Trying to fight back a blush; Anna gave a growl of frustration and yanked Hans out of the chair again, before dragging him to the bedroom.

"I really didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice." She said; pushing him up against the wall, so that he was facing away from her. She then began to search his pockets. Hans chuckled quietly when Anna discovered they were empty. "Quiet!" Anna ordered. "Now, off with the jacket!"

Not waiting for a response, Anna proceeded to remove the top layer of his clothing, before throwing it down upon the floor.

"Easy now!" Hans exclaimed. "That’s one of my best suit jackets! Don’t you know how expensive that thing is?"

"Well…if you had been more cooperative earlier, I wouldn’t have had to resort to doing this." Anna replied; now running her small hands over Hans’ expansive back and down his sides; still searching for the stolen jewels. She then stood on her tiptoes and whispered into Hans’ ear. "But I will give you one last chance. Will you talk?"

Hans glanced over his shoulder at her. “Never.”

*desperatly wants to continue it or twist it but doesn’t dare…*

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Kaamelott-La pâte d’amande (Livre I)

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Thanks to someone’s suggestion in the Disgaea group on facebook. I edited his idea to put her face on and do this.


Thanks to someone’s suggestion in the Disgaea group on facebook. I edited his idea to put her face on and do this.